Kyle Harper
Justin and Amanda Labosco are the arts “power couple” you dream of for teaching you and your kids music and visual arts. Whether it’s your lifetime passion or you are making it a career. They are brilliant and inspiring. Each have years of experience in their arts and teaching. Don’t be surprised if they become nothing less than members of your family. They take that much interest. I’ve come to know them both personally, not just as teachers for my son, who has Aspergers. They are a one stop shop, convenient, and a better price then the alternatives here in the Flower Mound area for individual lessons and summer camps. Justin has been musical and a “performer” since early childhood. He’s a professional in music and acting, whether his instrument is his 3.5 octave range voice, acoustic or scorching electric guitar, drums, piano, songwriting, or arranging/producing music and videos. He has performed as actor, singer and musician in live theater, musicals, bands, movies, music videos, television and radio commercials. He also arranges and produces albums. Amanda is a color artist. “Painting artist” or “sculpting artist” is too limiting a label. She’s been perfecting her art since she was a child. Self taught, studying the masters. The result? …absolutely fearless in her use of paint and imagery. You simply can’t take your eyes off her paintings and sculptures. They are _that_ compelling. You can recognize their artistry all around DFW/Denton. Its that authentic and unique. Justin and Amanda, congrats on moving into your Flower Mound school campus. You needed the space LOL!
Derian Ramsey
I was honored to provide live music for the Flower Mound grand opening, and had a blast hanging out at this very cool school! Justin & Amanda are awesome, & I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time at Colors Oh My in the future.
Larry Kirk
Wonderful commitment here to encouraging creative development in the arts. Ton's of knowledge coupled with a positive, authentic approach to each student. Highly recommended!
Tiffany Joe
If you are looking for an amazing art and music teacher in the Flower Mound area LOOK NO FURTHER! Amanda and Justin are the best. They’re talented, knowledgeable, patient, kind, and everything you’d
Noor Panjwani
My son Amaan has been working with Amanda for almost 2 years. She has a heart of gold when it comes to working with kids, especially special needs kids. She has worked with Amaan on drawing skills, painting skills, Video production and photography. Basically anything that's artsy, and she is fantastic. She is very creative. She hosted my sons birthday party and the kids had a blast. They carved and colored their own key blades. She has even volunteered at the TSC Alliance annual walk doing face paintings. She was a hit with all the kids. I can't recommend her enough. She is
Christy B.
Amanda has been my child's art teacher for over a year and I cannot say enough about how amazing she is. Not only has my daughter learned about art in a supportive and loving environment but she has blossomed into a confident creative thinker who sees art in many different mediums. This is thanks to Amandas comprehensive approach to teaching while making the lessons fun and engaging.
Sam B.
I have been a student of Justin L. for almost a year. When I first came to Justin, I knew that, while I had the capacity to sing, I did not know the proper techniques. The thing I really appreciate about Justin is that I'm finding my voice. Instead of allowing me to hold back, Justin pushes me. It's a realization that, "Yeah, I can sing the way that I want to". In the almost-year of working with Justin, I have become confident in singing. I continue to learn a little more in every single lesson.